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How biosimilar can fuel a health care revolution

Sonia T. Oskouei, PharmD, has acquired deep expertise in biosimilars, medications that are highly similar to Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved biologics, which make up the fastest growing class of drugs in the U.S. They are bringing innovative, life-changing treatments to patients with cancer and chronic disease. Unlike conventional medicines, biologics are made from living organisms, like animal celle, bacteria and yeast. Because of the complexity of manufacturing them, biologics are very expensive. Here, we talk to Oskouei, who is vice president of biosimilars at Cardinal Health, leveraging an enterprise perspective to maximize the value of biosimilars to drive innovation, enhance patient access, improve outcomes and lower health care costs. Read more.

Blockchain's potential to disrupt health care

"There are approximately a thousand-plus pharmaceutical manufacturers, 30-plus distributors and 100,000-plus dispensers of pharmaceutical products," notes Ray Bajaj, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Cardinal Health. Learn how blockchain technology can create connections among them, allowing them to agree on a single set of financial processes through data interoperability. Read more.

Juneteenth: The truth will set you free

In a piece about the history of Juneteenth, John Haynes, vice president and human resources business partner at Cardinal Health, breaks down some of the myths about the federal holiday. "Without the truth about Juneteenth and the truth about slavery, none of us are truly free," he writes.  Read more.

Rare diseases 101: How precision medicines can help

More than 300 million people around the globe live with a rare disease – a serious chronic disease that affects fewer than 200,000 individuals. Some commonly-referenced rare diseases include Huntington's disease, Tourette syndrome, muscular dystrophy and some cancers. Learn more about rare diseases, and the work that Cardinal Health experts do to help increase patient access to therapies by partnering with the companies that develop them. Read more.

Weathering the storm

After a tornado caused catastrophic damage in the southern U.S., a major health system learned that one of its small community hospitals lost all communications with headquarters and with its critical care partners. Learn how the teams at OptiFreight® Logistics and OptiFreight® Logistics Same Day Solutions quickly created a solution and equipped the community hospital with satellite phones to reconnect them with the community. Read more.

Advancing health care: Pairing high-tech with high-touch to solve reimbursement issues

Cardinal Health recruited Laura McIntire-Hansel, an RN with deep operational knowledge of health care and expertise in advocating for patients' reimbursement, to help build and launch a service that helps minimize claim rejections and denials for hospitals and uncovers programs for patient financial support. The result is Reimbursement Solution, created in partnership with our clinical pharmacy experts and the digital team at Fuse, Cardinal Health's innovation engine. Read more.


Health Brief Quote:

"One of the most exciting promises of biosimilars is fueling innovation. By bringing competition to the market, and lowering health care costs, you essentially enable the investment necessary to pave the way for the next generation of critical treatments, which we are all rooting for."

~ Sonia T. Oskouei, vice president of biosimilars at Cardinal Health

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