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HME Business: Why Cardinal Health wants to be a major enabler of at-home care

In a recent interview with HME Business, Rob Schlissberg, president of Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions discussed the future of the business as an enabler of the home healthcare industry. This is an excerpt of Schlissberg’s original interview. To read the interview in its entirety, visit

Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions is a leading medical supplies distributor that serves roughly 5 million customers in the U.S. each year. It’s three business units – Cardinal Health™ at-Home, Edgepark and Velocare (a hospital-at-home solution recently highlighted in this Newsroom article) all share a common thread: Enabling care in the home through the delivery of critical medical products and solutions direct-to-patients’ doorsteps.

By Joyce Famakinwa, HME Business; *Robert Holly also contributed to this report

HMEB: Looking back at 2023, what were some of the major highlights for your business?

Schlissberg: We have been focused around investing to optimize and modernize our distribution network. In 2023, we opened a new facility in Grove City, Ohio, that is highly automated and technology enabled. We started work at another location in South Carolina, which is set to open this calendar year. We’re already in the Texas market, but we’ll be expanding and building a larger site.

I’m proud of the work we have done [within the Edgepark business] to focus on the customer experience. We’ve hit all-time highs with our net promotor scores this past year, focusing on simplifying a really complicated [medical billing] process.   

Finally, we have been building a new business that we call Velocare, a first-of-its-kind distributed supply chain logistical solution for health systems trying to set up a hospital-at-home program. [This] is something that we’re really excited about and will continue to invest in and look to grow.  

What challenges does the HME market face?
We need more strong voices for the HME industry. We want to make sure that the HME itself is being recognized for the value it delivers. There are still entities and different parts of the healthcare system that believe that all HME suppliers do is push products — and that’s not true. The pandemic helped shed light on the value that HME can provide … we want to be a big part of that and lend our voice to moving that forward.

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