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Cardinal Health collaborates with TrakCel to streamline cell and gene therapy commercialization

New collaboration enables chain of custody and chain of identity tracking for specific cell therapies, helping to remove barriers to patient access

Cardinal Health today announced a new agreement with TrakCel to offer an integrated cell and gene therapy (CGT) software solution to help biopharma companies track autologous cell therapies through multiple stages of development and commercialization.

Autologous cell therapies are personalized medicines, created by removing a patient’s own cells, processing them outside the body, and reintroducing them to the patient. Because they hold the promise of significant new therapeutic potential for many diseases that traditional medicines do not cure, they are generating great interest, and exponential growth is projected in this market: The current U.S. CGT market size is currently valued at $5 billion, and is projected to grow to $25.7 billion by 2027, according to 2023 Evaluate Pharma data.

“Bringing a CGT product to market is immensely complex for developers,” said Fran Gregory, PharmD, MBA, vice president of emerging therapies at Cardinal Health, which includes the Advanced Therapy Solutions business. “Some of the greatest challenges are in manufacturing, regulatory approval, logistics and reimbursement. And that’s where our new collaboration with TrakCel comes in: It brings visibility and tracking capabilities to manufacturers, allowing them to track chain of identity and chain of custody to ensure patient safety. Ultimately, our collaboration helps CGT developers accelerate speed to market and get these therapies to patients more quickly.”

The CGT sector has some of the most complex supply chains in healthcare. Advanced Therapy Solutions will work with TrakCel to simplify the challenges: Shared customers can take advantage of Cardinal Health’s Sonexus™ Access and Patient Support hub platform and 3PL order-to-cash and distribution capabilities plus OCELLOS, TrakCel’s second-generation advanced therapy orchestration platform for cell and gene therapy manufacturers.

Chris Came, TrakCel’s vice president of global alliances and client services, said, “In the rapidly growing cell and gene therapy space, more and more promising therapies are in late-stage trials and approaching commercial launch. This new combined offering allows therapy developers real-time access to information, as well as patient support to improve the patient experience and treatment accessibility.”

About Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, a global manufacturer and distributor of medical and laboratory products, and a provider of performance and data solutions for healthcare facilities. With more than 50 years in business, operations in more than 30 countries and approximately 46,500 employees globally, Cardinal Health is essential to care. Information about Cardinal Health is available at

About TrakCel

TrakCel is the market-leading developer of integrated cell orchestration solutions. TrakCel has specifically designed these solutions to manage the international autologous and allogenic cell, gene and immunotherapy value and supply chains. Its platform has evolved in collaboration with, and is increasingly adopted by, leading companies in the cell, gene and immunotherapy industries. TrakCel’s solutions enable real-time control for all organizations working across the entire therapeutic value chain. This control includes patient eligibility (commercial) and enrollment, sample collection, manufacturing and treatment delivery. The TrakCel platform accelerates global scale-up and scale-out of cell and gene therapy products, increasing efficiency and decreasing complexity, while safeguarding  chain of custody and chain of identity with a full electronic audit trail for administration compliance and traceability. TrakCel was founded in 2012. It’s headquartered in Cardiff, UK, with offices in California.

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