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Cardinal Health introduces new solutions to improve financial health for specialty practices

New services are designed to help practices streamline so they can continue to provide exceptional patient care

Cardinal Health announced today that it’s launching a new, robust suite of revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and consulting services to help specialty physician practices simplify payer contracting, streamline prior authorization and maximize financial performance. These solutions will help practices achieve their financial goals and create efficiencies so staff members can increase their focus on patient care. Initially, the RCM suite will be offered to rheumatology and ophthalmology practices, with plans to expand to other therapeutic areas in the future.

Cardinal Health is collaborating with PayrHealth and eBlu Solutions to offer a payer contracting solution and prior authorization solution respectively. The full RCM suite will build on technology that Cardinal Health already offers to customers. Advanced Practice Analytics combines clinical, financial, and operational data to provide actionable insights through up-to-date dashboards with drill down capabilities, allowing practices to isolate root cause issues that impact revenue cycle performance. This comprehensive data helps providers improve their operational processes, cash flow, reimbursement performance and payer negotiations.  

“Payer contracts and prior authorization processes are complicated, and specialty physician offices spend significant time navigating changing requirements, gathering data for payer contract negotiations, supporting prior authorizations, and keeping track of where the process stands for each payer and each patient,” said Amy Valley, vice president, Clinical Strategy & Technology Solutions at Cardinal Health. “We are very excited to partner with PayrHealth and eBlu Solutions – companies that keep patients at the heart of what they do – to bring meaningful efficiencies and cost savings to practices so they can focus on patient care.”

Payer Contracting Solutions

Delivered in collaboration with PayrHealth, this new offering leverages deep expertise across specialties, as well as robust data from Cardinal Health’s Advanced Practice Analytics to manage the entire payer contracting process on the practice’s behalf.

“Cardinal Health is a trusted partner in the healthcare space,” said Armando Cardoso, CEO at PayrHealth. “We look forward to combining our expertise in payer contracting with Cardinal Health’s strong network to enable providers to better serve their patients.”

Provider Prior Authorization Solutions

Cardinal Health’s new prior authorization solution is offered in collaboration with eBlu Solutions. It leverages a single cloud-based portal that automates medical benefits investigation and prior authorization. This enables specialty practices to get their patients the therapy they need more quickly, minimize denials and delays, and keep patients on therapy.

Mark Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO at eBlu Solutions, said, “Prior authorization processes can be tough to navigate, and vary by therapy, payers and patient plans. We are excited to work with Cardinal Health so that providers can begin treatment quickly and keep their patients on critical therapies.”

Revenue Cycle Consulting

Cardinal Health’s RCM optimization suite also includes new revenue cycle consulting services, through which Cardinal Health experts work with practice staff to identify and close gaps in their revenue cycle performance. Cardinal Health RCM consultants will use data from Advanced Practice Analytics to benchmark the practice’s performance in key areas and target opportunities for improvement, enhancing workflows and helping practices employ mitigation strategies that improve cash flow and reduce operational write-offs.

For more details on the full suite of RCM solutions, visit the RCM Optimization Solutions website.

About Cardinal Health  
Cardinal Health is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, a global manufacturer and distributor of medical and laboratory products, and a provider of performance and data solutions for health care facilities. With 50 years in business, operations in more than 30 countries and approximately 46,500 employees globally, Cardinal Health is essential to care. Information about Cardinal Health is available at

About PayrHealth

PayrHealth provides analytics, contracting, credentialing, reimbursement negotiation, network development, and revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare organizations across the United States. PayrHealth is an integrated relationship management solution - proactively managing contracts and optimizing revenue cycle management to enable purposeful provider-payor relations. PayrHealth supports informed decisions for a strengthened healthcare system. PayrHealth is an Osceola Capital Management portfolio company. To learn more, visit

About eBlu Solutions 
eBlu Solutions provides a secure software platform for electronic prior authorization and benefits verification in the infusion-based specialty medication space. eBlu Solutions aims to streamline the fragmented nature of the approval process for specialty medication treatments, and currently supports a variety of specialties including rheumatology, neurology, gastroenterology, allergy & asthma and is exploring additional therapeutic areas. To learn more, visit

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Cardinal Health is a distributor of pharmaceuticals, a global manufacturer and distributor of medical and laboratory products, and a provider of performance and data solutions for healthcare facilities. Subscribe to our News Alerts to get all of our latest news.