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Cardinal Health named one of Mexico’s top employers
Cardinal Health named one of Mexico’s top employers
Cardinal Health named one of Mexico’s top employers

Cardinal Health has been certified a 2022 Top Employer in Mexico, recognized for excellence in human resources practices. Cardinal Health employs about 5,500 people in the company’s five manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

The certification was awarded by the Top Employers Institute, which recognizes organizations that focus on putting people first through exceptional human resources practices. Each year, the Institute surveys large companies on their initiatives to help improve employees’ work environment and career growth.

“We received the Top Employer certification after completing an in-depth audit that covers all our human resources processes, from talent recruitment and workplace safety to learning and development, succession planning and diversity, equity and inclusion practices,” explained Alejandro Gonzalez, Cardinal Health’s director of human resources in Latin America.

Jim West, senior vice president of Global Manufacturing at Cardinal Health said, “I am thrilled that our Mexico team has received this Top Employer certification – a recognition that our people practices stand up against the best companies in the market. It means that we are an employer of choice, maximizing the work of attracting, retaining and developing talent. There’s no question that our employees are at the center of everything we do. They ensure that we are able to serve our customers and the patients who depend on them.”

Victor Salcedo Gonzalez, vice president of manufacturing in Mexico, said, “This recognition is particularly significant, coming after two long years of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve worked closely with our employees to maintain protocols to keep all of us safe and able to keep our facilities open, so that we can continue to serve our customers.”

Throughout the pandemic, Victor Gonzalez said, “We’ve been growing our factories quickly to keep up with customer demand, and we’ve consistently been adding new capabilities. As we’ve done so, we’ve held employee focus groups to be sure we understand what employees need in terms of training and support. In response, we’ve created new training processes for leaders and supervisors to better support their teams. We capture employee feedback continuously, so that if something is not going well, we learn about it and can fix it quickly.”

Alejandro Gonzales added, “We have successful mentorship programs within our facilities that enable employees to learn from leaders. We also have a peer-to-peer mentoring program that matches employees from various facilities, so they can work on resolving common workplace issues together.”

Alfredo Espinoza, also a vice president of manufacturing in Mexico, added, “We want to be sure that our employees always have opportunities to learn. In addition, employee recognition is very important. Every month, we recognize employees and teams for work excellence and goals achieved. We also encourage employees to get involved in our communities. They give back generously, raising donations for United Way, hosting food drives, cleaning parks and neighborhoods and more.”

Employees in our Mexico facilities know they play an important role in health care, Alejandro Gonzalez said. “One of our employees recently said to me, ‘I always wanted to become a doctor, but I didn’t have the opportunity. Working at Cardinal Health gives me a chance to make a difference in patients’ lives.' I believe a key factor in our becoming a Top Employer is that our employees know they are valued. They know they make a difference every day.”

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